Jake Ball was Fighting Another Punch Bag at York Hall – I’d Smash Him to Pieces If We Fought Again

Jake Ball was back to winning ways over the weekend with an impressive stoppage inside 1 minute

“Yeah, wasn’t it another punch bag he was fighting though? It’s very easy to KO somebody who isn’t in there to fight back. I wouldn’t read too much into that win at all.”

After the fight, Eddie Hearn talked about a possible rematch. Would you be interested?

“Yeah absolutely, bring it on – it’s easy money for me! I wasn’t training in the run up to that fight and I cleaned him out in a round. Imagine what I could do on a full camp, I’d smash him to pieces. I assure you, if I hit him he hits the canvas. He made mistakes in the run up to our fight, fighting opponents that were below par and he’s making the same mistake now. He throws a lot of punches, that’s his style, but when you get used to throwing that many and something finally comes back, you’re very easy to hit.”


What’s next for you?

“Well I’ve been training hard so I’m going to sit down with my management, Assassin Promotions and see where things are. The rematch is one of a number of options but let’s see what happens over the next couple of weeks.”


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